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URI - "United Religions Initiative" und Papst Franziskus

"Ich bin URI"
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URI, der Religionsableger der Weltregierung UN, will schon lange die Welt-Einheits-Religion und damit eine religiöse Weltautorität unter dem Slogan" Unity in Diversity", Einheit in Vielfalt, in ihre Endform gießen. 
Diese "religiöse Weltautorität", die dann die "globale Seele" bilden soll, wird allerdings dann einen okkulten, d. h. theosophischen Hintergrund haben:
Since the 1893 Parliament of the World's Religions, there has been a legion of interfaith groups attempting to unite the world's religions. However, the Rev. James Davis, an interfaith minister from New York, said of the URI conference he attended in 1997: "We've never seen any organization build coalitions as quickly or as successfully as the United Religions Initiative." 11 Commenting on the 1998 URI summit conference, Huston Smith, a scholar of comparative religions and author of The World's Religions, a standard reference in the field, deems the URI the "most significant" interfaith effort.12 
The agenda of the URI and its allies is far broader--and far stranger--than ending violence in the name of religion. In 1996, Bishop Swing explained that "The nature of the United Religions would be to focus on: 1) the whole human family; 2) the whole health of our planet; and 3) the whole realm of living species, and to offer the unique gifts of religions."13 In 1995, Bishop Swing had said that the world is moving toward "unity in terms of global economy, global media, global ecological system. What is missing is a global soul."14 
How will this global soul be found or created? At first, by means of conferences, networking, fundraising, declarations, and press releases. Bishop Swing's new book (The Coming United Religions), the draft URI Charter, and the writings of other URI proponents make the long-term goal clear: the "global soul" will be a New Religion for the "new civilization" of the new millennium. Its code will be Hans Küng's "Global Ethic" and the Earth Charter (the new Ten Commandments according to Gorbachev); its creed will be "unity in diversity"; its cult will be the "sacred Earth." The new sins will be pollution, overpopulation, and "fundamentalism," daring to evangelize for Christ. The only heresy will be religious orthodoxy. 
URI nennt sich "Global Interfaith Movement for Peace", globale interreligiöse Bewegung für Frieden.

Um das Einheitsgefühl zu stärken, müssen z.B. alle Blätter hochhalten, auf denen in verschiedenen Sprachen steht (siehe Bild oben):

"Ich bin URI" 

Papst Franziskus hat schon als Kardinal Bergoglio lange eng mit URI zusammengearbeitet, obwohl der Vatikan zumindest nach außen hin von URI nicht begeistert war.

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